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"Command Your Audition"

Strengthen your performance skills,

emphasizing character development, believability

and overall effectiveness of a scene.


Every TUESDAY @ 7:15 PM

April 30th

May 7th

May 14th

May 28th

* please note there is no class on May 21st

LA casting director

Mark Teschner, csa

Mark has been the Head of Casting for a major Network TV Series for over 30 years, during which time he has also taught at TVI Actors Studio.

He is the recipient of 9 EMMY® Awards for Casting

Mark has a unique ability to communicate with actors which encourages them to deliver their best performance.

Session 1: Introduction

& Under 5's

In this session Mark will discuss his experience as a Casting Director for 36 years, both in NY & Los Angeles. He'll also begin working with students on Under 5 scripts, how to break them down and how to make the strongest choices.

Session 2: Under -5 Intensive

An intensive class that will work on Under Fives, and making powerful/interesting choices that make auditions pop. At the end of class each student will be assigned a Day Player scene for week 3.

Session 3: Day Player Intensive

An intensive class that focuses on Day Player roles. You’ll work on making strong/dynamic choices. Each actor is unique and Mark works on bringing out that uniqueness in the work, which in turn leads to dynamic & memorable auditions. At the end of class each student will be assigned an audition scene for Contract Roles.

Session 4: The Screen Test

Each student should be prepared and camera ready. An intensive class that focuses on Series Regulars roles. These are the most challenging roles and the culmination of the 4-week program. Students come camera ready and we will tape the scenes and each student will have their scene emailed to them.

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